This blog is about my fascination with forecasting and predictive analytics . I have worked professionally in forecasting and data analytics for enterprise IT (Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies) since 1995, and, earlier, for public utilities and government agencies. Started Spring 2012, businessforecastblog was re-launched in 2014. My intention is to create greater understanding of the range of techniques Рboth basic and leading edge Рthat are crashing like a wave against traditional marketing and forecasting. I think there is a place for writing which ranges from computational and analytical detail to videos and interviews relating to economic forecasts and forecasters.

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  1. Nice upgrade Clive. Unless my browser is misrepresenting the interface, it would be nice to see linked index for past topics on top menu. Will stay tuned, long may you run.

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Sales and new product forecasting in data-limited (real world) contexts