Mid-Year Economic Projections and Some Fireworks

Greetings and Happy Fourth of July! Always one of my favorite holidays.

Practically every American kid loves the Fourth, because there are fireworks. Of course, back in the day, we had cherry bombs and really big firecrackers. Lots of thumbs and fingers were blown off. But it’s still fun for kids, and safer no doubt.

Before that, here are two mid-year forecasts from Goldman Sachs’ Chief Economist Jan Hatzius and an equity outlook from Wells Fargo Bank.

Jan Hatzius Goldman Sachs – mid-year forecast (June 12) 

And Wells Fargo (June 23rd). 

Both these, unfortunately, did not have the information about the additional write-down of the 1st quarter real GDP that came out June 25, so we will be looking for futher updates.

Meanwhile, some fireworks.

First, Happy Fourth from the US Navy. 

And some ordinary fireworks from the National Mall, US Capitol, 2012.